Calling all Busy Moms:10 Ways to Get your Energy Back

Whether you work, stay at home, have one kid or 5, you are a mom and know what it’s like to be lacking in the energy department. This could be physical energy, mental energy, or a little bit of both. All you know is, this is not sustainable. Although everyone’s situation may be a little different; there is simply not enough hours in the day-or night-to get the sleep that your body craves. That probably isn’t a wake up call to most of you reading this, but don’t give up hope. Everyone needs sleep to stay healthy and nobody should have to sacrifice their energy. It’s just so not worth it. Over the course of my time as a nanny and working closely with busy moms, I have accumulated some tricks up my sleeve, for I am no stranger to the exhaustion that comes with both jobs.

1.) Set a healthy, yet realistic sleep routine for yourself

If your like me and need at least a half an hour in bed before actually falling asleep, account for this. Although you can’t help having to wake up multiple times to crying babies, at least make sure you set aside at least 8 hours devoted to sleep. You’re worth it!

2.) Get your protein in the morning

Even if your not a breakfast person or you simply do not have time, make sure your fridge is stocked with something you can grab before walking out the door. This is key to helping maintain your energy for the rest of the day.

3.) Drink Water

This is just a no-brainer not only for energy but overall health. We need water! Figure out a system that works for you. You can reward yourself with other things. For instance: No coffee in the morning until you’ve had at least one glass of water. It also helps to invest in a water bottle that measures the amount of water in ounces so you know just how much you are getting.

4.) Cut back on sugar

My personal suggestion is giving up sugar entirely. Too many people are addicted to the stuff without even knowing it! It may give you a boost at first, but you’ll just end up paying for it when you crash shortly after. Not too mention its innumerous negative effects on your health.

5.) Stock up on these energy-boosting foods

The soluble fiber in apples keeps you full and energetic for longer durations. So do the fatty acids in almonds, as does beans, as does brown rice. Other energy boosting foods that you should already be eating anyway include; banana citrus fruits, beet juice, corn, eggs and green leafy vegetables.

6.) Get a healthy amount of exercise

Although this may seem counterproductive, believe it or not; exercise gives you more energy! Think of it as waking up your body from the inside out. It increases circulation, strengthens the heart muscle and releases endorphins.

7.) Stock up on these energy-boosting foods

Sleep when your body needs sleep, however and whenever you can squeeze it in. It’s as simple as that! Never feel guilty for replenishing your body with the rest it needs.

8.) Don’t forget to laugh

Find the humor in little things and never take yourself or others too seriously. Laughing improves your mood and keeps you optimistic for the rest of the day.

9.) Get some fresh air

Spending some time outside and in the sun each day is sure to improve your mood and energy level. Even in the wintertime. It only takes a few minutes and is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

10.) Make the most of your mornings

Instead of shaking yourself awake in front of your computer screen after hitting the snooze button about ten times, set your day up for success! What you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, so you shouldn’t be spending it sleeping in and then frantically rushing around, making up for lost time.

There is no time off when it comes to being a mom, but this post is written in hopes that you don’t have to continue to just make it through your day. Instead, make the most of it!

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