How To Show Your Nanny Appreciation!

Hello again, Monday! Although it seems like the weekend flew by, I am excited to be back at my desk. Big things are happening here at Perfect Fit Placement and we feel extra motivated today to jump right back in to our work. Speaking of work, our team knows just how much our nannies do every day and that is why we are huge advocates of professionalizing the nanny industry. Nannies have the special opportunity to positively influence the next generation and we appreciate all of those who recognize this opportunity.

To all of our happy families out there that are lucky enough to have a Nanny, don’t forget to show not only your appreciation, but your recognition. Perfect Fit Placement fully supports and encourages Holiday bonuses to be given to every Nanny because, after all, they are a valued member of your household. Why not treat them like so? It can go a long way towards letting them know they are appreciated.

If you’re wondering just how much to give your nanny for his or her end of the year bonus, keep in mind the following guidelines. Most nannies receive somewhere between one and two weeks pay as their bonus, just make sure you stay consistent. Also, don’t forget to pay taxes on your bonus because it is still considered a taxable income. Because you are still their employer, this bonus can’t qualify as just a gift.

Another way that you can show your thanks (in addition to a bonus) could be thoughtful gift from the children! This doesn’t have to be a purchased item, in fact, it shows your consideration to have them make something for your Nanny and this goes a long way. It is also very important to take your Nannies vacation time into consideration. We all know how hectic the holidays can be, so we know how tempting it is to use your nanny every single day that you can. Just remember, if you are out of work, then your nanny should at least be given the option to have those days off as well. If you really need the extra help, maybe consider a back up caregiver during this time or offer your Nanny time-and-a-half compensation.

There’s certainly a lot to consider when preparing for the holidays, so I hope this post clarified any misconceptions for families and Nannies alike! That’s what the holidays are all about, after all. Spreading joy and showing your love for the people you value in your life! If you have any other questions about bonuses or compensation in general, don’t hesitate to use PFP as a resource. That’s what we’re here for!

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