Together We Can!

Can you think of one thing that people wish they did more often? Well, I know that is quite the loaded question because there are at least a handful of things that I personally want to make more time for; like exercising or going to church. Now that the countdown to the holidays has officially begun, I got to thinking about the ways in which I would like to help others through volunteer work. Especially because it is the holiday season, charities are in need of more help than ever. So I thought to myself, this is the perfect opportunity to educate people on all of the different ways to get the family involved in local charity work! Of course the opportunities below are all child friendly, so you can make it a family outing while helping the less fortunate at the same time!

For school-age children, a great option is HopeMatch, who partners with Christmas Tree Santas to provide Christmas trees for families in need. They are looking for volunteers that are able to help make Christmas ornaments for these families who are receiving trees. Another great option for school-age children is The Harvest Center of Charlotte! Children ages 10 and older can help serve meals, wrap silverware, etc., with a chaperone of course.

If you have children or care for children that are preschool-age or younger, The Charlotte area Gleaning Network harvests produce that is good but not marketable to the public and provides it to people in need. Kids of all ages can be great little helpers in the fields just so long as they have an adult with them! Bright blessings, a non-profit for homeless children, is a provider of services for homeless children and is another great way to get the younger kids involved. The organizations facility in Mathews has plenty of projects for children to participate in!

I think it is a remarkable thing to instill in children the humanity of helping others. The sooner they realize how good it feels and how much they help, the more they will be motivated to do so in the future. Take some time to check out the following websites, in the order in which I mentioned them, and I hope you find one that stands out to you! Happy December everyone and don’t forget to share your compassion for others!

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