Beat the Winter Blues: Let's Get Crafty

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day filled with plenty of your favorite holiday goodies. Did anyone try out my heavenly cinnamon roll apple pie recipe? If so, I would just love to hear your feedback! I tried it out myself and it was quite a hit with the family. I will definitely be making it again soon. Today I wanted to share with you a cute and fun craft that will be sure to get the kids into the spirit of the coming winter! It can be a bummer when it gets too chilly out to play outside, but that’s just a great excuse to find some crafts to keep us busy indoors! The featured craft is very timely because it is perfect for the chilly weather to come and it teaches kids about how birds survive during the winter! Use this as an opportunity to educate children on not only the different types of seeds but also about how different types of birds stock up for the colder months. Try getting the book, Wild Birds by Joanne Ryder to help you out with this.

Craft 1: DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments

This first craft is a festive spin on the classic pinecone bird feeder and even lasts longer! Here’s what you will need:

-4 cups of birdseed

-3/4 cups of flour

-1/2 cup water

-1 pack of gelatin (unflavored)

-3 tablespoons corn syrup

-Holiday cookie cutters

-Cookie sheet

-Parchment paper or wax paper

-2 straws

-Twine to hang them with

1. In a large bowl, mix together the water, flour, water corn syrup and gelatin until combined to form a paste-like substance.

2. Slowly but surely, add the birdseed to the paste and combine until it is fully coated.

3. With your cookie cutters on the parchment paper, spray it down with cooking spray. Then, spoon the birdseed mixture into the cookie cutters. To make sure that the ornaments stay together, press the mixture down firmly with the back of a spoon and continue adding to the ornaments until they are full.

4. Cut your straws into 3-inch pieces and stick them into the top of your ornaments (make sure the straw goes through the entire ornament.) Allow them to set overnight.

5. Finally, once the ornaments are finally dry; use your twine to hang them on the tree of your choice! The birds will thank you for it later.

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