Families that Laugh Together Stay Together

The first thing that pops into my head when I think of thanksgiving is my family, huddled around the coffee table, cards in hand while yelling (sometimes incoherently) at each other. Maybe I should clarify, my family is huge on games and we play them on almost every holiday but most importantly, on Thanksgiving. Over the years it has gotten a bit more complicated, what with little nieces and nephews running around, so we have to be extra dedicated to the cause. Nowadays, we wait for the kiddos to go to bed, grab an Irish coffee, and get to playin.’ Our go-to games in the past have been catch phrase, scattergories and more recently, cards against humanity, which I am still uncertain about. Although I love these go-to classics, your family may want to switch it up a bit by trying something new, maybe something more interactive and kid friendly! Introducing, The Name Game!

The Name Game

The Name game is one of my all time favorite games and it is fairly easy for the young ones to catch on! You start by splitting your group into two teams and giving everyone three small pieces of paper. Have everyone secretly write down one person’s name (a celebrity, person you know, historical figure, etc) on each piece of paper. Fold the papers in half and put them in a bowl. There are three rounds to this game; the “Descripting” round, the “Acting” round and the “One Word” round.

During the Description round, one person from one team will then draw one of the pieces of paper from the bowl and they are given one minute to describe the person. The goal is to have your team to guess as many names as they can in the one minute time period and they receive a point for every correct name guessed. If your minute is up, the other team has the opportunity to guess the name based on what they heard. When the round is over, count the names earned by each team (these are the points they’ve received), write the number down, and put them back into the bowl.

Now this is where it gets interesting. The second round, or,“ Acting” round follows the same layout as the description round. This time, the player draws a paper and attempts to act out the name without spelling it in the air or using sign language. This is the most entertaining part for me, because I found that this sometimes comes a lot easier to kids than it does to adults. Count each teams names again and write down the number.

Finally, the third round, or, “One Word” round follows the same format as the first two rounds. I bet you guessed it, this time you only use one word to describe the person you drew. The more closely your team has been paying attention during the first two rounds, the easier it will be for them to guess the name you pick! Don’t forget to count the names again and add them to the total number of points that each team has. Whichever team has the most points wins!

Whether or not your family typically plays games on Thanksgiving, this may a good one to start with! It encourages participation, focus and creativity for the kids and is pretty entertaining for everyone. Why not give it a try!

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