Just Keep Conferencing

The week I spent in San Antonio has me feeling like a really lucky girl! I was fortunate enough to attend this years APNA (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies) conference and I not only had a blast but I learned so much about the industry! I attended sessions that discussed everything from technology to personality traits and everything in between. Although, it didn’t even feel like work because I was having so much fun!

I have attended conferences in the past, all thanks to my father, Bill Cates AKA The Referral Coach, who is a professional speaker. So, the NSA (National Speakers Association) youth group conference was my summer camp growing up. I started out as a youth attendee and made my way up to youth leader. This conference was annual and was held in a different city every year! I would travel to places like San Diego, Phoenix and even New York! Not too shabby of an experience for a youth group. Of course the main event was the adult conference, but as youngins, all we could focus on was the speakers, volunteer work and friendships we experienced behind our conference room doors. This was such a special experience for me and I will always cherish both the bonds I’ve formed and the experiences I have shared. I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without NSA.

Now that you have the background story, you can assume that I was over the moon for this APNA (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies) conference. Since I had not been able to attend the NSA conference for the past few years, I was particularly thrilled to finally be a part of one of these extraordinary events! There is absolutely nothing like a conference. After having been involved in both of the youth and adult side of things, I had fun witnessing a brand new conference in a brand new industry. I had and still have so much to learn about the nanny world!

One of my favorite things about conferences is the unique collaboration that is truly one of a kind to the event. When else are you going to get the opportunity to be in a room with a bunch of businesses in your industry, sharing their passions, ideas and advice? This is a very rare occasion, so it was extremely valuable to me as a newbie in the world of nanny agencies. Just to give an example, I learned all about the newborn specialist business and everything that goes into that. I absolutely loved how everyone was so open and willing to share their business practices and be there as a mentor to anyone who needed advice. No matter what the industry is, conference groups have a certain buzz about them and the fact that these people are even attending a conference just shows how passionate they really are!

Even though it is not until May, I cannot wait for the upcoming INA (International Nanny Association) conference in Chicago! Not only have I never been to Chicago, before, but I am also so curious to see the ways in which this conference differs from APNA. These experiences stir up my passions for what I do and I can’t wait to just keep conferencing!

Written by: Jenna Cates, Perfect Fit Placement’s Placement Specialist.

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