We Hold the Future

We Hold the Future

As nannies we hold the future. I know… deep, right? I’m serious though. We truly hold the future. Every day we wake up, go to work and hold the future. We hold future activists, lawyers, presidents, mothers, fathers, nurses, doctors, teachers, and leaders of all kind. The children we invest in every day have so much value and we have been charged to help cultivate the gifts and character of these precious little ones.

The Sky is the Limit

That’s what I tell my Nanny Babes. They can do anything they put their mind to. When they fall down I help them up and we shake off the ouchies. Then I distract them with something fun or make a total fool of myself to get their mind off of the pain. When they don’t want to share, I ask them how it would make them feel if someone wouldn’t share with them. I then have them practice sharing, even if it upsets them. How we choose to react to our Nanny Babes and the situations we go through together all helps shape how they themselves will react to important situations in the future. As nannies, we have the unique privilege to cultivate the next generation. Whether we know it or not, they see everything we do. All eyes are on us.

Let Them Take Charge

Asher, my cousin, is 12 years old. I have helped take care of him and his sister since they were infants. His parents have done an INCREDIBLE job with him and he has a really good head on his shoulders. I would frequently meet them for play dates with my Nanny Babe who was a young toddler. When we first started doing this I noticed how gentle and sensitive Asher was towards my Nanny Babe. I was so impressed with his natural ability to entertain a child safely. As women we talk about a motherly spirit, but we forget to mention that a fatherly spirit is just as important! He has helped watch his sister and his neighbor’s children multiple times by himself. Whenever I have the chance I give him a little more responsibility with each child we are with. It is evident that Asher has a natural gift with children and I wanted to help cultivate that.

He’s a Big Boy Now

I truly can’t believe how much he has grown up and how responsible he is. I mean, we have adult conversations now! About politics, religion, struggles, joy, all of it! My husband and I are youth leaders at our church and we have the joy of living life with him inside and outside of the church and get to see what an incredible man he is becoming! When I found out he decided to start a Babysitting Company- I was blown away with pride and joy! He’s got the entrepreneur spirit and he’s got a GREAT PLAN!

He Wanted A Long Board

Asher and his friend decided to start a Babysitting Company together because they thought it would be a great first job! With all honesty he told us, “I just wanted to find a way to earn enough money for a long board and I like kids.” He created a website (not available to the public currently) with packages of what the company offers. Included is a package for a Parent’s Helper. When I asked him why he included a Parent’s Helper instead of a Mother’s Helper he said, “Dads work from home now and maybe they could use some help as well. “ He also said I inspired him to work with kids…like for real. I didn’t even make that up. (INSERT BIG BUBLY HEART GRINNNNN) Asher’s gentle heart led him to tell me that he likes children” because they are sweet and innocent and that they don’t know much yet.” Man he is going to be a great father! Ladies, watch out!

The Urban Dictionary says a Manny is a funny, charming, cute guy. All the girls love him.

I thought that was a perfect way to describe a guy that works with kiddos! Hello???? Take for instance Danny the Manny. With a natural talent for bonding with children and families, Danny is an asset to any home. He understands the need for diversity in the childcare industry and is working to promote that.

In his words – “As a man working in a female dominated field, and as a person, I find that the most rewarding experiences are those that take the most courage to conquer. When I find myself in situations where my capabilities are questioned because of my gender or age, I try to use those situations to educate others and most importantly, myself. I make sure that my voice is heard through showing up as my authentic self and not letting what others think of me change the direction of the course I’m on. In this field, all experiences are important and one is no more important than another. We need the experiences of people of all genders and ages to help shape the nanny industry.”

– Once again, I say, the Urban Dictionary says a Manny is a funny, charming, cute guy. All the girls love him. (WINKY FACE)

Asher has put a lot of effort into refining his skills in order to be the best babysitter possible. As part of their efforts, Asher will attend Perfect Fit Placement’s “National Nanny Training Day” in Charlotte on April 16, 2016. These nannies in training will further their education in this competitive industry, network with existing nannies from across the community and learn new skills including CPR and first aid.

Asher states, “I hope this training day will make us seem more appealing to an adult looking for a babysitter.”

Many families are challenged to find THEIR ideal childcare provider that fits their family’s needs perfectly. In order to continue to fill our community’s need for qualified, passionate childcare professionals, we must be intentional about investing and supporting people who may not be necessarily the “traditional nanny” we are used to. We are proud of individuals like Danny and Asher who are working hard to fill these roles in non-traditional ways.


Can I just share how AMAZING this kid is? He is my cousin so I'm a bit bias, but man am a thankful for him! He had surgery the day before NNTD and had to have a pin put in his wrist. He STILL showed up at lunch to check out the event and support us!!!! I literally cried when I saw him because I felt so loved and so proud of him all at the same time.

Written by: Leigh Aberle

After 15 years of working and volunteering with children, Leigh’s love for helping children learn, develop and discover new things still grows. As the Director of Marketing and Community Relations she is passionate about educating families and children about healthy living as well as providing families with an outlet to volunteer together in their local communities. Leigh enjoys traveling with her husband and encouraging nannies so that they can continue impacting the next generation in a positive way.

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