Early Childhood Development: What Should I Be Doing?

Back when I was a full-time nanny, I had quite a few interviews until I found a good fit. Parents always reminded me that they wanted to make sure the activities I did with their children were helping his or her development. Have you been wondering about the different things you can be doing for this? Depending on who you ask, you may receive varied answers to this question. Although there is no single answer that is strictly right or wrong, I have noticed some trends that have proven to be effective for me in the past as a childcare provider.

Being a nanny for several families has really given me a great opportunity to work with all different types of children from unique households. In turn, I have learned a lot over the years about little things you can be doing to foster development in children. Although every child is different and their learning styles vary, there are some basic principles that lay the groundwork for development.

The Basics

This first principle is really quite simple. If you are not meeting the basic needs of your child, it is more difficult for them to develop. Providing a loving and safe environment gives your child the basic stability that they need to grow from. Childproofing your home is a great way to make sure your younger child can explore with a lower chance of getting injured. Beyond this, make sure that they are following a regular sleep schedule as well as healthy diet and exercise.

Be in the Know

It is very helpful to know what to expect from you child as they reach certain ages as well as the different signs you can look out for that show they have reached a certain level of progress. For instance, by preschool age, a child will start becoming more self-sufficient as they learn more about the world around them. Having them start to try different things on their own is a great way to promote learning.

Provide Experiences

Giving your children valuable experiences does not necessarily mean having to take them to far away lands and see extraordinary sights. Simply involving them in every day tasks as you go about your day is such an effective way to help them learn about the world around them. Take them along to the grocery store with you to teach them about food or even to the bank to give them a lesson on money management. Don’t forget to read to them frequently as well, children’s books are chock full of valuable lessons.

Don’t forget to keep yourself involved at your child’s school or daycare and make sure to discuss his or her development with the teachers and care providers there. Stay in the loop about your child’s progress so you know what to expect moving forward. Last but definitely not least, remember to enjoy every step of the way because it goes by fast!

For tips on things to do with your children in your local area please email jenna@pfpnanny.com.

Jenna Cates: Perfect Fit Placement Specialist

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