Getting Crafty for the 4th of July

I am super excited for the fourth of July this year because I have family from Canada visiting and I just cannot wait to give them a genuine independence day experience. I plan on involving hot dogs on the grill, sparklers and of course their going to need sneak a peak at the parade that typically goes by my suburban childhood home.

Maybe you have an exciting big day out planned for your munchkins on the fourth of July or maybe you simply plan on grilling out in the yard with the family. Whatever your plans may be, why not give the kids a little preview of what’s to come, while keeping them entertained at the same time? Lets break out the red white and blue y’all, its craft time!

Fourth of July craft for Toddlers: Firework Painting

What you’ll need:

1.Toilet paper rolls

2.Red, white and blue paint (glitter paint is great too!)

3.Paper Plates

4.Paper to paint your fireworks on

Start by cutting up a few toilet paper rolls into 2” long fringes and open up the fringe so that it is flat against the table.

Place the roll on a paper plate that has been covered in tempera or aycrylic paint and stamp it on your paper, easy peasy!

Fourth of July craft for older children: Balloon Fireworks

What you’ll need:



3.Hand pump

Simply pull the balloon over the funnel and pour in the confetti until it is a quarter of the way full.

Inflate with the hand pump and tie.

Use a sharpened pencil for popping the balloon and watch the kiddos go to town!

Written by: Jenna Cates

Jenna Cates is a graduate of High Point University where she earned her degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. She is originally from Maryland and has been working with children for the majority of her life. She has always had a passion for helping children learn and grow. Now, as the Placement Specialist for Perfect Fit Placement, she has devoted her time towards helping families find reliable and trustworthy childcare.

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